Building confidence and coordination through movement and exploratory play.

This forty-five minute parent participation lesson will encourage your child’s developmental progression. The instructor will lead the group through skill building exercises including warm-up circle, obstacle courses, basic gymnastics, trampoline, and pit games. You and your child will be guided through developmentally appropriate skills like walking, balancing, hanging, and jumping in a safe, fun environment. While there will be some organized activities, children are free to learn and explore at their own pace and on their own time. This group is designed to allow each child to build their coordination and confidence in a play-based environment.

Class Description
The class will start out with a brief warm up song, explanation of the class, and gym safety overview. Then kids can play, explore and learn on their own with mom or dad nearby. We will end with the parachute & stamps.

Katie Millard has been teaching gymnastics for eighteen years. In addition to teaching toddlers through eighteen year olds, she has run recreational programs, beginner team programs and coached high school gymnastics. Katie has been teaching, primarily boys classes, at DU since 2008.

Playgroup is geared toward children pre-walking -5 years old. Siblings are welcome, and it is advised to bring younger siblings to the “big kid” time slot.

DU Gymnastics Facility: 2201 Asbury Avenue, Denver Colorado 80210. The gym is located through double doors on the north side of Asbury Avenue, between High Street and York Street. Garage parking will be available to participants that register in advance. Parking instructions will be e-mailed the week prior to each playgroup. In addition, free street parking is available in the neighborhood surrounding DU. Pay lots are available on Asbury, meters are available on Buchtel. Consult this parking map prior to your departure.

Playgroup will be offered a few Sundays a month, based on the instructor and gym’s schedule. A newsletter is sent out to subscribers once a month.

Children should dress in comfortable clothing, that they can move freely in, no belts and zippers. It is best if hair is pulled back. Children go barefoot, grown ups can wear socks.

Space is limited. Reservations are required. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to all participants. If you do not receive an e-mail by the Thursday before playgroup, please contact gymnasticsplaygroup@gmail.com.

$20/per kiddo, space is limited, rsvp through online registration.  E-mail gymnasticsplaygroup@gmail.com directly for private playgroup pricing and to inquire about wait lists.

The class will primarily consist of learning and playing on the trampoline, tumbletrak and foam pit. Parents are not allowed on the gymnastics equipment. No more than two children on the trampoline at a time, 10 jumps and then switch turns, parents can sit on the red mat around the perimeter of the trampoline. The tumbletrak is a “one way street”, encourage your child to jump with two feet in the direction toward the rope. Jump feet first or bum first into the foam block pit, never head first. No throwing the foam blocks and no burying yourself. Be sure the area is clear before jumping.

COVID:  We will continue to follow CDC guidance for all COVID protocols. At this time masks are optional.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Encourage your child to use their own muscles to climb out of the pit, do not pull child’s arms from the wrists out of the pit. Beware of the empty pit and metal bars protruding from the equipment that is just at parent’s head height. Ouch! There are lots of squishy surfaces around the gym, especially where there are mesh mats. Food and drink are not allowed on the gym floor or equipment. Each family is required to sign an Assumption of Risk form, good for one year.

E-mail gymnasticsplaygroup@gmail.com