A. a Gymnastics Clinic (ages 5-10) Sunday, February 9 at 9:00 AM




Gymnastics Handstand and Cartwheel Clinic (Ages 5-10)
Sunday Feb 9 at 9:00AM
Teacher: Katie Millard
Duration: 55 minutes

Our fifty minute small group lesson will encourage your child’s developmental progression through the building blocks of gymnastics. Through a relaxed and fun environment, the instructor will lead the group through skill building exercises including drills for increasing upper body strength and flexibility. These two basic gymnastics skills-handstands and cartwheels-will allow each child to build the strength and enthusiasm to learn additional skills that can be applied to all other sports in the child’s future. The small group class is designed to allow each child to build their coordination and confidence through age-appropriate games and drills.

The cost is $15/student and the ratio is 10:1. This class is designed for kiddos ages 5-10 and will be offered 9:00 on most playgroup Sundays.  Space is limited.  Please register.